Jiaye Teng

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Jiaye Teng
Email: tjy20 [at] mails [dot] tsinghua [dot] edu [dot] cn
Research interests: machine learning and statistics

About Me

I am now a Ph.D student in Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) in Tsinghua University. I am very fortunate to have Professor Yang Yuan as my advisor.

Previously, I did my undergraduate at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, advised by Professor Yang Bai.

Research Interests

My major research interests lie on the combination of the machine learning and the statistics, e.g. theories about how to apply machine learning methods into statistical settings to improve the preformances or relax the assumptions.

Also, I am very interested in the properties of neural networks (e.g. interpretability, robustness, generalization, etc.) and the optimization of neural networks.